Wicklow Wolf
Brewing Company


At Wicklow Wolf Brewing Company our main goal is to make beer the best way possible. Running a sustainable brewery and business is a foundation stone to ensure we achieve this goal.

Being a sustainably run brewery helps us in several ways:

  • We have control from field to glass, ensuring locally sourced and the best raw materials are used.
  • It forces us to think outside the box to find ways to make beer in better ways.
  • It makes us sit up and be responsible for what waste we are producing and the environmental impacts.
  • It helps us foster better relationships not only with our suppliers with also with our consumers.

Our Targets

  • Commitment to source 80% of our direct raw materials from suppliers with recognised sustainability certifications by 2021
  • Target a 10% reduction in energy per unit output in the next five years.
  • Reduction of Landfill Waste by 50% over the lifetime of the plan
  • Reduce the amount of rinse water we use per hL of beer produced by 20%
  • Each full-time staff member is given a day of leave a year to volunteer for a charity.
  • Ensure that up to 10% of our Limited’s and Seasonal releases each year are a considered social health option; either a lower alc. or Gluten Free alternative.


In 2017 we began to monitor our electricity usage and peak times. So we can begin to understand how, where and when we use most of our energy. We are also installing timers to ensure we only use energy when it’s needed.

Over the last few months we have become very conscious of the amount and type of waste we produce at the brewery.

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