What happens when you crossbreed A Wicklow Wolf? You get a savagely good beer. Our small batch limited edition brews are concocted in collaboration with a select few brewing buddies we’ve invited over to play in our Wicklow Brewery.

Wit Or Witout You Mescan Collab

Wit Or Witout You W/ Mescan Brewery

We are delighted to welcome our good friends from Westport, Mescan Brewery to brew something special. Cillian is a wizard (he even looks like one) when it comes to brewing Belgian-inspired Irish beers, so when we discussed brewing a beer together it was always going to be a Belgian style. 

Wit or Witout you is a perfect Summer beer. A light and refreshing Belgian Witbier with a malty sweetness, all supported by hints of citrus and herbal spice. Enjoy!


Belgian Wit






Sabro, Orange Zest, Indian Coriander


Pilsner, Wheat, Carapils, Flaked Oats
After Midnight - An India Export Stout Brewed In Collaboration With Yakima Chief Hops Using Their Experimental Hop HBC 472

After Midnight W/ Yakima Chief

We are delighted to welcome our friends from Yakima Chief Hops to the brewery, who brought along the experimental hop, HBC 472. HBC 472 is a sister hop of Sabro, that was bred in the Yakima Valley, Washington through open pollination between Humulus Lupus and the wild American hop neomexicanus.

A hop that provides coconut and tropical fruit aromas to beer, but also a distinctive barrel aged character like the beer has been aged in bourbon barrels. Brewing an India Export Stout allowed us to showcase HBC 472 and the interesting characteristics that it lends to beer, a beautiful balance between the roast malt notes and the coconut and wood flavours thanks to HBC 472. Enjoy!


India Export Stout with experimental hop HBC 472






HBC 472


Pale, Extra Dark Crystal, Brown, Chocolate, Roasted Barley

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