What happens when you crossbreed A Wicklow Wolf? You get a savagely good beer. Our small batch limited edition brews are concocted in collaboration with a select few friends we’ve invited to our brewery in Newtownmountkennedy.

Brewing beer and collaborating with friends is something that we love doing. We love to brew with friends, swap ideas, share stories and celebrate post brew with a beer. We are always delighted to have our friends from other breweries and other industries to visit us to collaborate. These collaborative brews are known as the Crossbreed Series. Find the latest Crossbreed Series releases in all good independent off licences nationwide.

Sliced Can w/ Brennans Bread

At Wicklow Wolf, our mission is to brew exceptional beers without compromise and with true passion. Our Crossbreed Series allows us to celebrate that passion with friends. Following our very successful collaboration last year, we were delighted to welcome our friends in Brennans Bread to brew something special with sustainability in mind.

Sliced Can is a beer brewed to do good, made using surplus Brennans Family Pan as a substitute for malted barley and so, helping to reduce food waste. Brewed Sustainably using electricity generated from our 120kw of solar panels, we are committing to plant one native Irish tree for every twelve cans sold.

Expect this low calorie, vegan lager to be light and refreshing with fruity notes and a malty backbone.


Craft Lager with Surplus Brennans Family Pan






Bravo, Tango


Brennans Family Pan, Pilsner, Carapils, Chateau

Read about our recent collaborations on our blog here.

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