Independent By Nature

At Wicklow Wolf, our mission is to brew exceptional beers without compromise and with true passion. Independently brewed for independent minds. We are locally rooted and at one with nature, brewing beers in a sustainable way.

Our two latest limited editions are releasing into the wild today.  Locavore Summer 2022, a Foraged Elderflower Saison that champions the flavour of Wicklow's native Irish hedgerows.  Heff Bezos, a Hopfenweisse bursting with tropical fruit flavours. This is a hoppy wheat beer that is a modern twist on the classic hefeweizen beer style.  Find them in all good independent off licences and at the @wicklowwolftaproom  #IndependentByNature #Locavore #EndangeredSpecies
Introducing Locavore Summer 2022, a foraged Elderflower Saison brewed with wild elderflower hand-picked from our hop farm and our very own malted barley and wheat.  Expect Locavore Summer 2022 to be packed with herbal, floral notes, a hint of spiced banana and a light crisp body.  Releasing into the wild next week.  #IndependentByNature
No. 30 in our Endangered Species series, Heff Bezos is another example of our brewer’s passion and creativity running wild. A modern twist on the classic hefeweizen beer style, Heff Bezos is a hop forward wheat beer.  A style of beer that we have planned to brew for quite some time now, this Hopfenweisse is brewed with modern hops (Citra, Idaho 7 & Talus) and fermented using a hefeweizen yeast strain from our friends at @whc_lab.  #IndependentByNature
No. 30 in our Endangered Species series is nearly ready for canning and kegging. Releasing into the wild next week.  #IndependentByNature #EndangeredSpecies
Tomorrow will see the first @yakimachiefeu Hop & Brew School take place in Brussels. The Hop & Brew School is their annual celebration of hop knowledge and includes many technical brewing seminars and panel discussions.  We are delighted to be taking part in the brewers round table discussion alongside some great breweries @duvel_belgium, Brasserie d'Orval and @deyabrewery . Our head brewer, Andrew Hamilton will be on the panel for the brewers round table discussion flying the Wicklow Wolf flag and sharing his knowledge and passion for all thing hops & beer.
Did you manage to get your hands on our two latest Endangered Species?  #IndependentByNature
We are over in Berlin celebrating great beer thanks to our friends at @brlobeer  We are pouring at BRWFEST 22 and have brought some savage beers along. John & Ian will be on the bar this weekend, if you are in Berlin - pop by and say hello to the lads.  #IndependentByNature
West Side Story is a celebration of the influence that the West Coast of America and the infamous beer style 'West Coast IPA' had on Wicklow Wolf. It was after Quincey and Simon each spent a number of years living in California that the seed for Wicklow Wolf was planted. On their return to Ireland and searching for the beer style that made them fall in love with craft beer that they decided to open a brewery of their own, brewing beer for them and their friends.  8 years on since we brewed our first IPA on a small pilot kit in Bray, the journey has led us to explore many different beers and styles but the West Coast IPA remains one of our favourites. This is a modern twist on the beer that helped inspire the Wicklow Wolf journey.  #IndependentByNature
The perfect Father's Day gift for the leader of the pack.  Included in this gift box are six exceptional Wicklow Wolf Core Range Beers, Wicklow Wolf Pint Glass and a pair of Wicklow Wolf Socks.  Order now at the link in our bio.  Please note - All orders will be shipped June 15th.
Collection available @wicklowwolftaproom June 16th - 19th
Overseen by the watchful eye of Simon, our bee hives are one of many areas of the hop farm that is thriving. We are constantly looking at ways to increase the biodiversity at the hop farm, it is chemical free, full of lush native hedgerows and plenty of flora for the bees to feast on.  The hop farm is an important part of Wicklow Wolf and our mission to brew exceptional beer in a sustainable way.  #IndependentByNature
Summer is here.  The perfect Summer beer, 'You Can't Handle the Fruit' is jam packed with  a cornucopia of apricot, blood orange, passion fruit and pineapple. A refreshing, thirst quenching sour that leaves you want more after each sip.  Releasing into the wild this week in limited quantities.  #IndependentByNature #EndangeredSpecies
A modern West Coast IPA, West Side Story is fermented with a Kveik yeast strain called Hornindal. This Hornindal yeast strain gives the beer an intense tangerine aroma. These esters combined with the Idaho 7, Strata & Talus hops create a depth of flavour in a style that is typically hop dominant. Expect citrus, grapefruit and pine flavours with soft stone fruit undertones. On the palate, this modern West Coast Kveik IPA is clean with a refreshing bitterness and resinous finish.  Releasing into the wild next week in limited quantities. Available in @wicklowwolftaproom this weekend.  #EndangeredSpecies #IndependentByNature
Introducing Endangered Species no. 29, West Side Story. A modern take on the classic West Coast IPA, West Side Story was heavily dry hopped with new age hops: Strata, Idaho 7 & Talus and fermented with the Kveik yeast strain, Hornindal.  Releasing into the Wild next week.  #IndependentByNature
Introducing Endangered Species no. 28, You Can’t Handle The Fruit. A tropical sour brewed with a cornucopia of apricot, blood orange, passion fruit and pineapple.  A burst of tropical fruit hits you on the nose before the first lip-smacking sip. An extremely juice forward beer complimented by a tart, sour finish, ‘You Can’t Handle The Fruit’ is the perfect refreshing Summer beer. Enjoy cold, in the sun and with friends.  #IndependentByNature
Come and join us at @adventure.ie in Laragh this Friday for a free introduction to trail running event to launch this year’s Ecotrail Wicklow and our Wicklow Wolf Running Club.  There will be a 5K guided trail run with coaches on hand to offer advice, Dynafit demo of their trail shoes (with a discount coupon off Dynafit Shoes) and of course a tasting of some of our beers after the runs (including Moonlight Non-Alcoholic Hoppy Ale).  For more information and to sign up check out the link in our bio!  www.adventure.ie/run  Date: Friday 27th May 2022-
Location: Adventure.ie Laragh, Co Wicklow A98 T2PO
Time Slots- 7:15pm and 8pm  @ecotrailwicklow @running_coach_ireland 
@visitwicklow  @dynafit  #IndependentByNature
Introducing the Wicklow Wolf Running Club.  A social running club that will focus on getting our members and runners out running on some of the fantastic trails that Wicklow has to offer and of course finishing with a well earned beer. Every run will be organised with a running coach who will be on hand to offer any advice and support to our members.  We have been working hard on setting up a running club for a few years now and we can't wait to have a Wicklow Wolf pack run together at this year's Eco Trail.  Sign up at the link in our bio to be the first to know more on the Wicklow Wolf running club, dates, exclusive discounts and how to become a member.  #IndependentByNature
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