Endangered Species no. 29, West Side Story. A modern take on the classic West Coast IPA, West Side Story was heavily dry hopped with new age hops: Strata, Idaho 7 & Talus and fermented with the Kveik yeast strain, Hornindal.

The Hornindal yeast gives the beer an intense tangerine aroma. It is these esters combining with the hops to bring a new dimension, creating a depth of flavour in a style that is typically hop dominant. Expect citrus, grapefruit and pine flavours with soft stone fruit undertones. On the palate, this modern West Coast IPA is clean with a refreshing bitterness and resinous finish.

West Side Story is a celebration of the influence that the West Coast of America and this infamous style of beer had on Wicklow Wolf. It was after Quincey and Simon each spent a number of years living in California that the seed for Wicklow Wolf was planted. On their return to Ireland and searching for the beer style that made them fall in love with craft beer that they decided to open a brewery of their own, brewing beer for them and their friends.

8 years on since we brewed our first IPA on a small pilot kit in Bray, the journey has led us to explore many different beers and styles but the West Coast IPA remains one of our favourites. This is a modern twist on the beer that started our journey. 

Releasing into the wild June 7th. Find it nation-wide in all good independent off licences at at the Wicklow Wolf Taproom. Find it before it goes extinct.

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