Introducing Locavore Summer 2022, a Foraged Elderflower Saison brewed with elderflower foraged right on the hop farm and our very own malted barley and wheat.

Locavore Summer 2022 - A foraged elderflower saison

In early June we made a trip to the hop farm to forage some elderflower for this year’s Locavore Summer 2022. 

For our Summer Locavore release, we forage the wild landscape of Wicklow for flavours that will allow us to experiment and champion the local terroir. We hand picked some vibrant elderflower from the hedgerows that border our hop farm. It is these native Irish hedgerows that provide a picturesque backdrop, increases biodiversity and that will give this Elderflower Saison a taste of the Wicklow hills.

For the brewing of this season’s locavore release, we brewed a saison using our very own malted barley and wheat. The elderflower was hand picked and added straight to the brewhouse at 15g/l.

The hand picked elderflower being lowered into the whirlpool

Our Locavore Project epitomises the core philosophy that Wicklow Wolf was founded upon, provenance and pride. The Locavore Project allows us to celebrate the terroir of Wicklow, our home and champion it with small batch, local, experimental beers. 

Expect Locavore Summer 2022 to be packed with herbal, floral notes, a hint of spiced banana and a light crisp body.

Available now at the Wicklow Wolf Taproom and all good independent off licences.

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