A lot of work goes into growing and maintaining the hops on the Wicklow Wolf Hop Farm. The hop farm is located just up the road from our brewery, and under Simon’s watchful eye we have successfully harvested another incredible crop this year.

A peaceful day on the hop farm over the Summer

With the hop bines back to full height and the cones coming to full fruition, that day was nearly upon us to begin the harvest. This was the eight hop harvest at the Wicklow Wolf Hop Farm and the very first harvest of the Hop Gardens at the brewery.

With the weather holding off and the hops ready to go, we took a trip to the hop farm to begin the harvest. All hands were on deck to get the job done that day before the rain returned!

We harvested a combined 50kg of 10 hop varieties including Chinook, Cascade, Perle, Bramling Cross, Fuggles, Challenger, Apollo, Northern Brewer, Phoenix and Northdown. These will all be used in this years Locavore Winter 2021, a Wet Hopped Dry Irish Stout. Keep an eye out for more updates on the picking and brew using these hops.

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