Locavore Winter 2021 is a fresh hopped Dry Irish Stout using hops which were grown on the Wicklow Wolf Hop Farm. In addition to growing and harvesting our own hops, we wanted to showcase another Wicklow produced ingredient and decided on planting and growing our own barley in a field located behind the brewery. 

The ploughing of the field behind the brewery to prepare the soil for planting

RGT Planet Barley was chosen as the barley we would grow due to its consistency from crop to crop and its outstanding adaptability to both soil type and climate. The crop maintains an excellent grain quality and we knew it would be the perfect addition to both our Locavore Autumn 2021 Wicklow Oak Barrel Aged Barleywine and our Locavore Winter 2021 Fresh Hop Dry Irish Stout.

The barley beginning to permeate the topsoil

Having been planted in the springtime, the Barley continued to grow strongly through the summer months and led to some beautiful views from the back of the brewery, filling us with confidence that the crop would yield some truly amazing beers inspired by and reflective of the Wicklow Terroir.

In August, the barley was harvested and prepared to be sent to the maltsters at Athgarret Malt and Craftsman Malt.

Harvest Day 2021

Once harvested the Barley was sent to our friends at Athgarret Malt and Craftsman Malt where it was malted into Pale, Vienna and Munich Malts which would bring all of the desired malt characteristics to Locavore Winter 2021.

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