Apex Espresso

Apex Espresso

We have taken our delicious Oatmeal Stout, Apex and let our brewer’s imagination run wild. The result? An Espresso Oatmeal Stout. We enlisted the help of our friends in Java Republic to add over 2,500 fresh shots of AA Single Origin Costa Rican Dota espresso to the brew.

Apex Espresso is a delicious, 6.5% oatmeal stout that is packed full of fresh dark fruits, chocolate, honey and of course a strong burst of fruity espresso. These flavours are all supported with a hint creamy sweetness and a smooth, lingering finish leaving you wanting more.A pint of Apex Espresso Stout

The Coffee A sign in Dota

While on a trip to Costa Rica last March, the Java Republic team visited a small cooperative coffee grower in a small town called Dota. They met with the growers and selected these single origin AA coffee beans for their quality. The beans themselves give an aroma of grape, forest fruits and honey, while on the palate, they offer flavours of gooseberry, honey, candied orange giving a well-balanced and rounded coffee.

The beans perfectly compliment the flavours of the base oatmeal stout to give an extension to our Apex Oatmeal Stout that we are incredibly excited and proud of.
Coffee beans Java republic picking coffee beans

The Beer

We wanted to select a coffee that would compliment the strengths of Apex our Oatmeal Stout. The base beer has a great roast coffee and chocolate back bone so we wanted to use a coffee that would work well along side this and not just amplify the existing flavours. Working with Java has given us the opportunity to access a very unique coffee bean that has a lot more dark fruit and floral characteristics than what one might expect from a traditional espresso. This has resulted in a coffee stout that has a beautiful chocolate character with delicate roast flavour, backed up by a fascinating stewed dark fruit punch.

All these flavours are carried on by the additional body that the oats contribute to then beer to give the beer a velvety finish with a slight acid kick in the tail. This is not a traditional coffee stout with the heavy roast coffee flavours you might expect, we were aiming for something more complex, softer and distinctive but without compromising on intensity, we feel we have achieved just this!

Apex Espresso… Enjoy!

Can of Apex Espresso