At Wicklow Wolf, our mission is to brew exceptional beers without compromise and with true passion. Our Crossbreed Series allows us to celebrate that passion with friends. We were once again delighted to welcome our friends from Brennans Bread back to the brewery to brew something special with sustainability in mind. Introducing Sliced Can, the latest release in our Crossbreed Series. ‘Sliced Can’ is a Craft Lager brewed using surplus Brennans Family Pan.

Crossbreed Series Brennans Bread Sliced Can. A Craft Lager Brewed with Surplus Brennans Family Pan.

When we first discussed brewing a Crossbreed Series collaboration with Brennans, we wanted to brew a beer that is brewed to do good and ‘Sliced Can’ does just that. Made using surplus Brennans Family Pan as a substitute for malted barley, helping combat food waste.

Crossbreed Series Brennans Bread Sliced Can. Brennans Family Pan with a can of Wicklow Wolf Sliced Can Craft Lager

Brewed using solar power

Sliced Can was brewed and packaged sustainably using electricity generated by our 120kw of Solar Panels on the roof of the brewery. These solar panels were commissioned by Wicklow Wolf in 2022, furthering our commitment to sustainability in how we brew our beer and in turn how we reduce our impact on the environment. Find out more about our solar panel install here.

Wicklow Wolf Brewery External Shot 2024 following the installation of our new grain silo and solar panels.

Canned for a more sustainable future

At Wicklow Wolf we made the move to cans in late 2019 and this collaboration with Brennans Bread is no different. Since Aluminium is infinitely recyclable, canning our beers gives us a better quality beer and a more sustainable future as we continue to grow in size and brew more beers.

One tree planted for every twelve cans sold

As a collaborative effort, we are furthering our sustainable commitments with the release of Sliced Can. We are planting one Native Irish tree in Wicklow for every twelve cans sold. To date we have planted just over 6000 native Irish trees on our hop farm in the Wicklow Mountains. Find our more about the work on our hop farm here.

Following our commitment to planting a tree for every twelve cans of ‘Sliced Can’ sold in 2023, we recently headed up to the hop farm with a team from the brewery and from Brennans to plant just over 1500 native Irish trees. These trees planted included Downy Birch (Betula Pubescens), Sessile or Irish Oak (Quercus Petraea), Scots Pine (Pinus Sylvestris), Hazel (Corylus Avellana) and Whitethorn (Crataegus Monogyna). Our collaboration and passion for sustainability enables us to plant even more trees. This further reduces our carbon footprint in addition to increasing the biodiversity of our home, Wicklow.

sliced can Brew Day

On brew day we took in an early morning delivery of surplus Brennans Family Pan. This bread was used as a substitute for malted barley and was introduced to the brewhouse by adding it straight into the mash tun, the first stage of the brewing process. During this stage, the bread was mixed with grain and hot water which pulls sugars from the bread to create the sugary liquid known as wort. Any leftover grain is placed in a trailer ready for collection by a local farmer to be used as cattle feed, further reducing waste.

When finished it’s stint in the fermentation vessel, the beer was then transferred to our in house canning line where the cans are filled, labelled and packed into cases to be distributed!

Expect this low calorie, vegan lager to be light and refreshing with fruity notes and a malty backbone. Enjoy and please drink responsibly! 

Find Sliced Can on shelf nationwide from this week.

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