The Locavore Project epitomises the core philosophy that Wicklow Wolf was founded upon, provenance and pride. It allows us to honour the landscape of Wicklow, our home and celebrate it with small batch, local, experimental beers.

Locavore Spring 2023 is a Honey Hefeweizen brewed with heather honey supplied by our friends at @openhivehoney. The bees worked hard in the Wicklow mountains to gather the nectar to make beautiful heather honey for this brew.

The heather honey being added directly into the brewhouse.

Jack McGrath and Kyle Petrie from Openhive came to visit us for the canning of this year’s Locavore Spring 2023 release. After some hard work on the end of the canning line, they retired to the mezzanine bar for a sampling of the beer featuring their savage heather honey. 

This classic wheat beer pours a golden, honey like colour and brings flavours and aromas of banana, clove and a hint of spice coming from the yeast and strong wheat grain bill. 

These classic flavours are all complimented by the taste and aroma of the fantastic Wicklow heather honey that adds a floral sweetness to the beer and of course, a taste of Wicklow.

Find Locavore Spring 2023 in the wild now in all good independent off licences and at the Wicklow Wolf Taproom.

Discover more on the locavore project here.

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