Introducing Endangered Species No. 41, Bouquet Bandit, a 7.2% Tropical Double IPA inspired by the creativity and ingenuity of our brewing team.

Bouquet Bandit Tropical Double IPA

Bouquet Bandit is brewed using Yakima Chief’s new experimental YCH 303 trial; a blend of Phantasm and Cryo Hops. Phantasm is a powder derived from the grape skins of New Zealand’s Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc and is rich in thiols which help to unlock tropical fruit aromas in beer which would usually only come from hops. We were very excited to get our hands on some Phantasm and our brewers couldn’t help themselves.

The result was an innovative and exciting beer that packs a tropical punch with aromas of citrus, guava, grapefruit and apricot.

Bouquet Bandit Tropical Double IPA

Available now in the wild in all good independent off licences and at the Wicklow Wolf Taproom.

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