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Meet the Staff: Mike Shanahan

Meet one of the newest members of our sales team, Mike Shanahan, who is out there pouring samples at tasting events, serving up beers at festivals and  ensuring our pack is available around the country.

What brought you to Wicklow Wolf?

I actually applied three times before I got in, which goes to show persistence is vital… and timing! I’ve admired the beer and the brand for at least two years now. I fell for the Elevation first, then the IPA got me and then  A Beer called Rwanda!

What got you interested in beer?

I studied Food Science in college, we had a module on fermentation and that lead me to buying a home-brewing kit from Blackrock Cellar. I was working in a really good coffee spot nearby at the time, after shifts I would get a new bottle from a new brewery, constantly wanting to develop my palate. From carrying out sensory analysis tastings in college, to brewing up some of the finest coffee to casually trying out new beers my career path weirdly makes sense in my head!

Favourite beer style?

I love sours… Belgian sours also. I spent a year in California and we would go to breweries that specialised in sours. I just find the complexity of their flavour profiles fascinating.

Favourite brewery?

In the States – Beechwood Brewery in Long Beach. I’m a big fan of Yellowbelly’s sours and their unbelievable graphics.

Best thing about working in a brewery?

The tastings! No, I love the sense of comradery. Everyone here is so passionate about the product and the brand, and all we want is to see it do well… That’s so nice to be a part of.


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