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Meet one of the newest members of our sales team, Mike Shanahan, who is out there pouring samples at tasting events, serving up beers at festivals and  ensuring our pack is available around the country.

What brought you to Wicklow Wolf?

I actually applied three times before I got in, which goes to show persistence is vital… and timing! I’ve admired the beer and the brand for at least two years now. I fell for the Elevation first, then the IPA got me and then  A Beer called Rwanda!

What got you interested in beer?

I studied Food Science in college, we had a module on fermentation and that lead me to buying a home-brewing kit from Blackrock Cellar. I was working in a really good coffee spot nearby at the time, after shifts I would get a new bottle from a new brewery, constantly wanting to develop my palate. From carrying out sensory analysis tastings in college, to brewing up some of the finest coffee to casually trying out new beers my career path weirdly makes sense in my head!

Favourite beer style?

I love sours… Belgian sours also. I spent a year in California and we would go to breweries that specialised in sours. I just find the complexity of their flavour profiles fascinating.

Favourite brewery?

In the States – Beechwood Brewery in Long Beach. I’m a big fan of Yellowbelly’s sours and their unbelievable graphics.

Best thing about working in a brewery?

The tastings! No, I love the sense of comradery. Everyone here is so passionate about the product and the brand, and all we want is to see it do well… That’s so nice to be a part of.


Aine, the latest member of the team, joined us at the start of the year as a process brewer and here she explains her position and her responsibilities.

As the process brewer my main responsibilities are to organise our new brewery and to ensure we are currently working in the most effective ways we can. I also help with what ever else needs to be done, but when I’m in the brew house I do tend to slow things down, my spent grain handling skills are not what they used to be.

What brought you to Wicklow Wolf?
I was very impressed with what the brewery has achieved in its short life as well as the variety and high quality of the beers they produce. Who wouldn’t want to be involved!

What got you into brewing?
Nope, I never home brewed. I got into brewing when I went to college. I studied Biotechnology at DCU which was  half genes, half fermentation science. I was lucky enough to be placed into the Harp brewery in Dundalk for my college placement and it was there I realised  I loved brewing. As a result I continued on to Heriot -Watt University in Edinburgh to do my masters in brewing and distilling and I’ve never looked back.

Favourite beer style?
It depends on the weather. It depends on the day. Mostly I go for Stouts and Porters.

Favourite brewery?
I cant pick one, so many have great beers!

Best thing about working in a brewery?
The variety of the work and the fact so much of it is hands-on. I also love the passion and pride among the team.

Meet co-founder Simon Lynch, our resident horticulturist who’s responsible for our hop farm.

Favourite beers? Pliney the elder, Lovibonds sour, Odell’s Lugene chocolate milk stout and our very own Wicklow hopped Locavore, Elevation and Black Perle Porter.

Favourite beer style? Depends on the day! Anything from sours and IPAs to Porters.

How did you meet Quincy? Two of our kids were in the same class in primary school and we got chatting over our love of good beer and good food. Both of us lived in San Francisco years ago and would reminisce about that and of course California is home to some great breweries and beers. I started helping him with his home brewing as well and it took off from there.

How did you end up setting up a brewery and hop farm? Firstly, this is only the beginning of hopefully a very exciting story. It’s taken a lot of hard work and dedication to create Wicklow Wolf Brewing Co. I would say blood sweat and tears but people might get the wrong idea about our beers and ingredients! We want to show case products from farm field to glass and as a horticulturalist we have the in house skills to be able to add something special to tell a different story. We’ve plans to grow more of our own ingredients in the near future in addition to our own hops, to be as sustainable as possible and do things in a way that has little impact on the environment. Currently we get manure from local farmers for the hop farm, give our spent grain to them for their cattle and to the pigs in Killruddery house, and use the spent hops as mulch for the hop plants.

Best thing about working on the hop farm? Being out in nature in the Wicklow hills! People who work Monday to Friday only get the opportunity to go walking, orienteering and cycling in the Wicklow hills at the weekends whereas my work is there which is great. Although not so wonderful on the days when the weather turns nasty, but when you love what you do it’s not always as difficult.

What’s your hope for the future for Irish Craft beer and Wicklow Wolf? I would like to see more and more quality craft beer being consumed by people over the mass produced beer and that people come to understand that like coffee and wine; there is more quality out there to be appreciated. I hope WW continues to create and produce many more excellent different beer styles, while growing the business in a green and sustainable way. Quincey and I have a philosophy “we only like to brew beers we love to drink ourselves ” and by extension we hope that people who drink our beers do too

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Photo by Alan Rowlette

Meet the latest member of our team, Garrett Fitzgerald who join us full time as an assistant brewer.

I’m from Dublin and spent a J1 summer in San Francisco and there I fell in love with craft beer. When I came back I immediately started home brewing and when I finished my degree I went back to San Francisco to pursue my dream of becoming a brewer. I worked for a brewery in there called Thirsty Bear Brewing Company and loved every minute of it. I came back to Ireland in 2015 and found a great fit as an assistant Brewer with Wicklow Wolf. I love working in here because there is a tremendous sense of achievement I find from creating something brilliant from start to finish.

Favourite beer style? It changes daily but today it’s a hoppy Amber.

Favourite Wicklow Wolf beer? Has to be Kentucky common, I find it complex and crisp.

Favourite brewery? 21st Amendment in San Francisco, but that’s probably just nostalgia. Or else the Trappist brewery Westvleteren in Belgium.



It’s time you became acquainted with Pete, our head brewer who moved from Colorado to Bray to manage the everyday duties in the brewery.

Favourite Beer: Too many to choose from. I’d have to say Yuengling. It was the first beer I bought when I turned 21(US drinking age) living in PA and has a certain nostalgic factor for being the oldest brewery in the US.

Favourite Style: What day of the week is it?? Porter, Sour, Hefe, Belgian, etc. Everyone’s taste buds change over time and I for one am more than willing to taste and enjoy new beers/styles. No point to limit ones self to less choice!

Best thing about working at a brewery: Creating something for people to enjoy! It’s really fun that I can design and make anything that I want brew. However, there is also a deep personal vulnerability in knowing that people will love or criticize these artisanal beers that are being made with my bare hands. A job of passion!

First Homebrew: Hopped Amber Ale I think.

Hope for 2016: Travel and explore more of Europe! Such a diverse landscape of culture, history, food and of course BEER!


Say Hi to Etienne, our Assistant Brewer. Etienne is from Grenoble, France and helps Pete with his day-to day-duties including brewing, kegging and all things brewery related to ensure the beer keeps flowing.

Favourite brewery: The Kernel (amazing brewery in London)

Favourite beer style: American IPA/Double IPA/Black IPA (love the hops!)

Best thing about working in a brewery: Being treated like a rock star when I tell people I work at the Wicklow Wolf brewery (true story!)

What you wish/hope for in 2016: Try new beers, new breweries to discover… more beer!

What beer did you brew for your first ever home brew: A surprisingly good Scotch Ale for a first brew!

What brought you to Wicklow Wolf? When my wife was offered a job in Dublin, I though it was time for a change in my career. I asked myself what was the best way to integrate into the Irish culture and… beer was the answer! I found out about Wicklow Wolf shortly after settling in Dublin and fell in love with the Black Perle Porter. The brewery was looking for an assistant brewer and I already had some experience by home brewing. We met at the right time!


Sure we brew great beer but it has to be delivered to the bars. Meet Gordon who is our technician and all round top guy. He is responsible for tap installation, line cleaning, deliveries, sales calls and helping in the brewery as needed. Which he always is!

Favourite beer: Elevation Pale Ale

Favourite beer style: IPA

Best thing about working in a brewery? I’ve been working on the tech end for breweries for quite a few years but never had the hands on experience of brewing beers, or been in the working end of the breweries. Having a bit of craic with the lads and having been shown how beer is actually brewed.

Wish for 2016: To get the knee down (Motorbike enthusiasts will understand!)


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