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On your hops, get fermenting, go!

We’re excited to announce our inaugural Ready Steady Brew is taking place here at the brewery tomorrow. The best home brewers from the Garden County Brewers, North County Brewers, Munster Expat Brewers, Wooden Skull Brewers and Liffey Brewers will gather to compete in a head-to-head brew-off where only one team can claim beer glory.

In order to get their brew on we’ll supply the teams with a fresh delivery of Cascade hops picked from our hop farm in Roundwood. They’ll also be supplied with Irish pale malted barley and bittering hops to work up their creations.

Brewing gets underway at 12pm and come 5pm the beer will be left to ferment until  the all important taste testing gets under way. Our pack of judges will run the rule over the beers on a number of criteria including colour, quality, aroma and taste.

The winning team will take home the Ready Steady Brew trophy, a supply of our hops and ingredients and plenty of our beers to celebrate!

Follow all the brewing action on our Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter where we’ll have live updates and interviews with the brewers over the day.

We’ve some great news for UK based members of our pack. ZOSO, our SMaSH red IPA, is coming to BrewDog bars across the UK in time for St Patrick’s Day. Like Brew Dog we’re passionate about brewing great beer because if it’s made better, it tastes better. Our passion shows in every brew and that’s why we’re excited to send our first ever canned beer to the UK as BrewDog serve up the best of Irish beer. ZOSO will feature alongside other great beers from fellow Irish brewers YellowBelly and Boundry Brewing  in the following bars:

BrewDog Camden
BrewDog Shoreditch
BrewDog Shepperd’s Bush
BrewDog Soho
BrewDog Clapham Junction

Rest of  the UK
BrewDog Glasgow (DogHouse Merchant City)
BrewDog Aberdeen
BrewDog Leeds
BrewDog Birmingham
BrewDog Brighton
BrewDog Liverpool
BrewDog Manchester
BrewDog Newcastle
BrewDog Norwich
BrewDog Cardiff

So UK beer drinkers, if a Wolf hasn’t cross your path yet, grab a can of our latest beer and welcome to the pack!


ZOSO Smash IPA is the latest limited edition Wolf to be released from the brewery and the reaction from people at the Alltech Brews Fair suggests it’s going to be another popular one. But what exactly is a Smash IPA?

Smash stands for Single Malt and Single Hop. The idea is to break down brewing to its basic elements in order to highlight the flavour of a single malt and a single hop. For us it was a great experience brewing it. For the beer drinkers it allows you to appreciate and understand what one hop and one malt can bring to a beer. This form of brewing doesn’t suit every beer style and works best with IPAs, lagers such as Pilsner and Vienna, Saisons and Dunkels.


Rather than packing our latest IPA with a wide variety of hops we went back to basics to deliver a unique, intense beer. With only two ingredients brewers need to choose wisely in order to deliver a flavoursome beer and we’ve done just that. We ventured high into the Colorado Rocky Mountains to get our hands on a small batch of ZOSO Hops from Misty Mountain Hop Farm, who’ve been harvesting this unique hop for only two years. In fact ZOSO is the only beer brewed in Europe with the hop of the same name!

We then headed East to Germany for RED-X, a special base malt from Best Malz, which delivers the malty backbone to balance the intense hopping.

This sunset red tinted beer is our first canned beer and comes in at ALC 5.2% and 53 IBU’s with unique notes of tangerine and sweet grapefruit and resiny bitterness. As for the name, ZOSO was the ancient name for Saturn, and we think you’ll agree this beer is out of this world!


In our ongoing quest to make Wicklow Wolf the alpha-beer in Ireland we’re delighted to announce a major investment in our brewery which will allow us to open  a new, larger brewing site in Wicklow which will enable a 15-fold boost in production capacity. We currently supply 150 pubs and 550 off-licenses across the island and with this expansion it will be a whole lot more, plus allowing our wolves to roam around the world in US, Asia and Europe.

Since we first started brewing two years ago we’ve produced some real lip-smacking beers from our American Amber to the controversial Children of the Revolution and our Locavore range brewed with the hops we grow on our farm in Roundwood, Co Wicklow. Our new brewery will allow us to continue to brew more great beers in even larger quantities to keep up with demand and we’re expanding our hop farm as well to match the extra production.

With this expansion comes 20 new jobs over five years and we’re proud to be doing our bit for the county.

HBAN (Halo Business Angel Network), the all-island organisation responsible for the promotion of business angel investment and a joint initiative of InterTradeIreland and Enterprise Ireland, is one of the leading stakeholders in the deal. Our co-founder Quincey Fennelly said, “It’s not just about funding; the angel investors from the Food Syndicate have years of experience in the food and beverages industry. They’ll have a big role to play when we expand overseas, helping us to avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that others before us have fallen into. Their knowledge and experience in manufacturing, distribution and international marketing will be of enormous value to the future of our business.”

Here’s to the future!


We are finally getting a season that other countries would recognise as a summer. No doubt you’re all out working on your tan and enjoying a cold one with your BBQ. And while you should be taking good care of your skin with plenty of sun-tan lotion you should also avoid exposing your beer to the sun as well. No, liberal application of factor 30 to your bottle of beer won’t help.

While you may love it the last thing your beer wants to do is to sit out soaking in some rays. Your beer is being ‘skunked’ right before your eyes. The process can happen quite fast, quicker for more heavily hopped beers. The suns UV rays break down hop compounds to literally produce the same chemical that skunks spray out their backsides! It’s not as intense in the beer thankfully but it will still change it. Brown bottles are a good way to protect the beer inside but green and especially clear glass give little to no protection from UV rays.

We’ve done the side by side taste tests and for a moderate hoppy pale ale it only takes a few minutes for the beer to noticeably change flavour.

Enjoy the sun, but shade your beer!



The beer everyone is talking about will be available on tap in the following bars:

Harbour Bar: 1 Strand Road, Bray

O’Connors: Abbey Street, Wicklow Town

The Magpie: 115 Coliemore Road, Dalkey, Co Dublin

The Taphouse: 60 Ranelagh, Dublin 6

The Bankers: Trinity Street, Dublin 2

L.Mulligan. Grocer: 18 Stoneybatter, Dublin 1

57 The Headline Bar: Leonards Corner Dublin 8

Alfie Byrnes, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2

Against the Grain, 11 Wexford St, Dublin 2

Beer Market, 13 High St, Dublin 8

McHughs, 25E Malahide Road, Artane, Dublin 5 (Growler Station)

Tully’s Bar, 148-, 149 Tullow St, Carlow

Cissie Youngs, 80 Bandon Rd, Cork

Abbott’s Alehouse, 17 Devonshire St, Cork


We the children of the revolution want to mark in our own small way the bravery and vision of our country men and women who made possible the Ireland we live in today.

In the last 100 years the cultural revolution, which begun on the steps of the GPO and whose seeds were sown in the words read out that day, have shaped the Ireland we live in today. A country of religious tolerance, civil liberties and marriage equality. A nation that has left its mark on the world when it comes to it’s people, it’s culture, music and arts.

Now the brewing revolution is upon us as people liberate their taste buds. For decades Irish beer drinkers have known nothing else but the “choices” provided by a handful of big brewers. They have broken free from the shackles of from bland, tasteless mass produced beers. The era of the brewing absolutism is over.

This is a revolution led by the people and their unfettered search for great tasting beer. A revolution led by brewers who aren’t afraid to try something different, to experiment and create exciting, flavoursome beers. Not led by marketing from big brewing. Children of the Revolution flies the flag for liberty, choice and flavour. It’s a beer brewed as an advocate for what real Irish beer should taste like.

“But you won’t fool the children of the revolution
No you won’t fool the children of the revolution”

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