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The beer everyone is talking about will be available on tap in the following bars:

Harbour Bar: 1 Strand Road, Bray

O’Connors: Abbey Street, Wicklow Town

The Magpie: 115 Coliemore Road, Dalkey, Co Dublin

The Taphouse: 60 Ranelagh, Dublin 6

The Bankers: Trinity Street, Dublin 2

L.Mulligan. Grocer: 18 Stoneybatter, Dublin 1

57 The Headline Bar: Leonards Corner Dublin 8

Alfie Byrnes, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2

Against the Grain, 11 Wexford St, Dublin 2

Beer Market, 13 High St, Dublin 8

McHughs, 25E Malahide Road, Artane, Dublin 5 (Growler Station)

Tully’s Bar, 148-, 149 Tullow St, Carlow

Cissie Youngs, 80 Bandon Rd, Cork

Abbott’s Alehouse, 17 Devonshire St, Cork

On Wednesday we got a phone call from RTE’s Liveline to go on air to defend why we called our latest IPA ‘Children of the Revolution’. It’s blatantly obvious Children of the Revolution is not aimed at young drinkers, or any of our beers for that matter. We didn’t want to court publicity and the name isn’t a cynical attempt to do so. As we said from the beginning this beer is more than just about the 1916 Rising.

It’s about recognising how much cultural change this country has seen in the form of religious tolerance, civil liberties and marriage equality as well as a nod to T-Rex’s lyrics and acknowledging we are in the midst of a craft beer revolution. We want to thank everyone for the messages of support we got on social media and offline, it was tremendous.

In saying all that, as it says on the bottle “The Bitterness Ends Here” and that’s why these bottles are for you Joe. You’re always welcome to the brewery to pick them up and we’ll show you around.




We the children of the revolution want to mark in our own small way the bravery and vision of our country men and women who made possible the Ireland we live in today.

In the last 100 years the cultural revolution, which begun on the steps of the GPO and whose seeds were sown in the words read out that day, have shaped the Ireland we live in today. A country of religious tolerance, civil liberties and marriage equality. A nation that has left its mark on the world when it comes to it’s people, it’s culture, music and arts.

Now the brewing revolution is upon us as people liberate their taste buds. For decades Irish beer drinkers have known nothing else but the “choices” provided by a handful of big brewers. They have broken free from the shackles of from bland, tasteless mass produced beers. The era of the brewing absolutism is over.

This is a revolution led by the people and their unfettered search for great tasting beer. A revolution led by brewers who aren’t afraid to try something different, to experiment and create exciting, flavoursome beers. Not led by marketing from big brewing. Children of the Revolution flies the flag for liberty, choice and flavour. It’s a beer brewed as an advocate for what real Irish beer should taste like.

“But you won’t fool the children of the revolution
No you won’t fool the children of the revolution”

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